ESSENTIALS of Appreciative Inquiry ESSENTIALS of Appreciative Inquiry 

ESSENTIALS of Appreciative Inquiry

Consisting of the first seven chapters of the Appreciative Inquiry Handbook, 2nd. Edition, this shortened version is aimed at academicians, students and workshop leaders. The book covers the theoretical background and core elements of the “AI” process. In addition, it offers six “mini-lectures” which succinctly introduce adherents to the process of AI.  


Part 1              Essential Elements of Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

                        Chapter 1: The Theoretical Basis of Appreciative Inquiry

                        Chapter 2: The Appreciative Inquiry Process: How it Works 

                        Chapter 3: Introducing, Defining, and Planning an Appreciative

                        Inquiry Initiative   

Part 2               Application of the 4-D Cycle of Appreciative Inquiry 

                        Chapter 4: Discovery: What Gives Life?

                        Chapter 5: Dream: What Might Be ?

                        Chapter 6: Design: How Can It Be?

                        Chapter 7: Destiny: What Will Be.

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