STORM 4.0 for Windows, (with CD) STORM 4.0 for Windows, (with CD)  STORM is a software package (with manual) consisting of the most frequently used Quantitative Modeling techniques for business and engineering problems. The models and tools employed in STORM are appropriate for courses in Management Science/Operations Research, Operations Management, Industrial Engineering and a variety of survey Quantitative Methods courses in Management and Engineering. Benefit: STORM is a collection of nineteen quantitative modules bundled into a single coordinated whole, so you need only buy and learn one package. The design and functioning of all modules is consistent, so once you are familiar with one module (say linear programming or statistical process control), it is easy to adapt to any of the eighteen others. STORM is a stand-alone package with its own convenient spreadsheet-based editor for data entry. However, it is also easy to import data from other spread sheets. For each module, a variety of user-selected output reports are available for displaying the results of computations, including some outputs that are rarely included in other competing packages. Besides giving you solution reports to your specific data set, STORM makes a special effort to provide facility to conduct what-if analyses. It is generally easy to experiment with parameter values, to test sensitivity or find the best setting. Comments: "STORM was unbeaten in accuracy, giving the correct answer unfailingly to all the test problems. Its speed was impressive as well... The documentation is very good. Each module is carefully explained and includes at least one non-trivial example completely worked out." ------Interfaces "STORM has some very nice features: to begin with, all the modules share a common data entry module, in a spreadsheet format. The user-friendliness of STORM is one of the best I have seen for OR packages." ------European Journal of Operational Research "From a content standpoint, I am quite impressed with the quality and amount of solution output available." ------OR/MS Today

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